A minor career change

Recently I got the chance to be one of the cool kids and I'm taking it.

Originally Published: Janurary 12th, 2015

I've always enjoyed the security aspects of IT. From the offensive side, trying to make computers do things they shouldn't or accessing stuff that should be off limits to the defensive side (preventing all of that from happening). Running a tight ship has always been a pleasure to me. Hell, I got into computers when I found out in highschool that I could drop out of our Novell environment and explore around the districts network.

Recently, I was given the opportunity to transition to our security team. This meant moving away from being a general sysadmin and narrowing my focus to security matters. While most any change is scary, this one came at a good time. I was starting to grow tired of the day to day sysadmin stuff. Now I have a great reason to start learning about exploits and pen tests and all sorts of fun stuff. I think with my time as a sysadmin and the things I've learned from building websites the last couple of years, I have a pretty good foundation to build off of.

So this year (and maybe the next), I'm going to be focused on cramming as much knowledge as possible into my head. The scariest thing about changing my path is starting over with little experience. My plan is to fix that as quickly as possible.

This is going to be fun.