Prepping the alpha for PS>Attack

After a lot of incredibly positive feedback I've decided to get an alpha together for PS>Attack. The first part of that will be releasing a binary for PS>Punch.

Originally Published: December 4th, 2015


So this has been a strange couple of days. I'd been putting off making the repos for PSAttack public for a little bit because I wanted to make sure it was "ready" before being unvieled. I realised that was silly though, it's not like I'm known in the field, no one was watching my github repos or anything.

The next day @binitamsha tweeted about PS>Attack. Binni is a great account to follow if you're in infosec cause she does an amazing job of finding some of the coolest stuff going on in the field. While working on this, I've actually thought "How cool would it be if @binitamsha tweets about PS>Attack"

Turns out, it's pretty cool

Prepping for Alpha

I was already excited about working on this, but the feedback I've gotten from people on Twitter and some of my friends and co-workers has really got me pumped. I really want v1.0 to be something awesome. I also want people to have something to checkout when they go to the github page. It's kind of crappy to have all this positive buzz for a product that doesn't really work.

So I'll be releasing a precompiled binary of PS>Punch (the portable environment) tomorrow. I've gotten a lot accomplished the last couple of days and tomorrow I'll spend some time QA'ing things before we let it loose.

Next week I'll planning on releasing an alpha for PS>Attack so you can generate your version of PS>Punch.

Currently PS>Punch has:

  • Working tab-completion

  • Mostly working console (up and down for history don't work yet)

  • Modules from PowerSploit, PowerTools and Nishang

  • The above modules are encrypted in the binary and decrypted into memory on launch.

It's already a pretty cool tool and I have plenty more planned for it. Here's a video of where it's at now.